Celebrity portraits.

It’s been long since I last blogged. I was pretty busy procrastinating studying for exams. Either way, I’ve been riding a fairly large wave of creativity. Here are some of the drawings I produced during this short-lived artistic streak. Recognize any faces?

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So there. Hopefully I get another surge of this artsy rush soon!



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Kirkland, WA.


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White Rock Pier.

A few pictures taken out of mere boredom. 🙂



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The gems of Los Cabos.

Los Cabos, a land of enthralling natural beauty.

Where the cool waters of the Pacific meet the warm Mexican sand. Whether taking a siesta under an umbrella sipping a limonata, or attending a fiesta on the beach, or even just relaxing on your room balcony admiring the crashing waves, this place is most likely going to entrance your soul.

Taken at The Marquis Hotel these pictures exemplify one of the better moments of my life.

The infinity pool.

We used to sit by the infinity pool every afternoon, under a sun umbrella, sipping cool drinks, watching the waves.

One of the best features of the hotel. The impressive arch framing the Sea of Cortés, also the lobby.

Overlooking a private casita, or small apartment.

Our friends, the seagulls, never failed to visit us during our afternoon tanning session. They were sometimes rewarded with the odd scrap of bread, or potato chip, although hesitantly, as of course, they’re not quite appreciated by the hotel staff.

One thing that’s so beautiful about the Pacific ocean is it’s deep blue colour. Although many people adore the warm green waters of the Caribbean, I feel the Pacific ocean represents the higher octave of this scale of oceanic beauty.

The waves were quite powerful, and it took me a lot to actually go into the water to take this shot. The hotel staff often told stories of how people were carried out into the ocean, because of the ferocious current.

Notice the allure of the water, the warmth of the sun, and the radiance of the earth, all meshing together to form a breathtaking scene. This photo that I took is a personal favourite, as it incorporates so many different elements. The desert is visible in the background, followed by the sandstone building of the luxurious hotel, and finally  the golden brown sands being pounded by the waves of deep blue ocean.

My favourite aspect of this photo, are the tiny footprints, running along the boundary, to the far left of the picture. Reason? Because it goes to show how futile and helpless we humans are, in comparison to the immensity of the earth. Also, I quite like the colour scheme. The browns and the blues work marvellously.

One of the most prominent features of Los Cabos are the rows and rows of eroded rocks, such as these. Taming the ocean a little, as well as providing a distinct feature to the plethora of wonders, these rocks add a rugged feel to the otherwise serene and synchronized landscape.

My sandals, heh.

So that concludes my 7 day visit to Los Cabos, Mexico. As you can see, it truly is a breathtaking place filled with natural wonders. The contrast between the barren desert and the blue waters is stark and awe inspiring.  What a perfect location for a world class hotel.



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The mystery of sleep paralysis.

Sleep paralysis?

National Geographic September 2010 edition.












One of the main mysteries that has intrigued me for quite a while now, would perhaps the be the elusive sleep paralysis. I have had the opportunity to experience this phenomenon a number of times in my 17 years of life. Imagine suffocation, fear and paralysis all wrapped into one dream, or rather state, as your eyes are open, but you’re stuck. Literally.

~ I could hear my breathing, slowly rising, then falling. A lamp was on nearby, it’s exact location unknown. I was immensely fatigued, and somewhat asleep. Or not. I was in a weird state, that was certain. I’ll just conclude my state as being that in between sleep and wakefulness. Suddenly, I heard footsteps on the hard floor behind the couch I was curled up on. A wave of terror gripped me as I came to know that there was a mysterious presence behind the couch. Again, more footsteps, the sound of wind, my body turned cold. I tried getting up, but I was extremely sleepy. I tried moving my hand but it was incredibly difficult and all my muscles were frozen. One more jerk, I got my hand on my face as I started to scratch my eyes, pulling them open. They were already open so I did nothing more than just hurt them. I could feel this ‘presence’ nearing my body. It was right behind the couch. I tried screaming, I could hear a faint noise coming from my mouth. My hearing senses were dulled. I was terrified beyond words. Was I dying? Was this death? No it couldn’t be. This has happened to me before. I asked myself over and over again. I could see a shadow on the wall, it was stationary. I tried screaming once more, but this time I could hear nothing. Not even a vague sound. Five minutes later I awoke from this ‘state’ severely shocked. This was perhaps the tenth time I’d experienced sleep paralysis.~

Perhaps my ‘condition’ is a result of extreme sleep deprivation, caffeine overdosing, or just my general stress level. What strikes me however, is that I mostly experience these kind of dreams while napping after a long day. It rarely happens at night, or in the morning. Just in the afternoons and evenings. One of the more freaky type of dreams I experienced happened during the summer of 2009.

~  Something woke me up. I don’t quite know what it was. I was sweaty, something common during the typical Pacific Northwest summers. My window was open, or so I thought, for I heard the blinds swaying and hitting the windowsill. I heard a wind blowing through. My room wasn’t very dark. I stared into the ceiling in a semi-sleep state. Suddenly I could feel a weight on my feet. I was terrified as I started pondering wether I should get up and look at it or not. I tried to sit up. I saw the silhouette of a man (at least that’s what it looked like) sitting perched on the foot of my bed. He was glaring at me with a snarl on his face. He wasn’t real. He couldn’t be. This was just a dream, wasn’t it? I started crying as I felt a sudden wave of helplessness. I couldn’t do much, clenching my teeth I fell asleep again. When I woke up I examined the foot of my bed. I saw nothing except a lock of blond hair. No one in my family is blond. ~

Now while each of these experiences are quite unique,they share the same element of fear, helplessness, and paralysis. Perhaps this phenomenon will never be explained fully, transcending the barrier that defines our realm. The only thing that I got out of these dreams, is that being paralyzed sucks.

My question to you: Am I alone? Am I the only one who’s experienced such dreams? I would love to know the kinds of dreams that people have.


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An eternal trap.

I sit on the floor, look at the clock.

A quarter to one, or two, my eyes are blurry.

Swimming in a pool of blood, I look around.

Seven windows, seven stages.

I cry, blood. I cry blood.

My throat hurts, I scream but hear no sound.

The silence is deafening.

I am trapped in this dark cave, all that holds me is this abyss of silence.

My skull engorges , pressing my brains, stamping out every living cell.

I close my eyes, think for a moment.

Seven stages, seven prisons.


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And the water… it dances.

…  “But let there be spaces in your togetherness and let the winds of the heavens dance between you. Love one another but make not a bond of love: let it rather be a moving sea between the shores of your souls.” – Khalil Gibran.

Another picture I took while in Cabos.


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