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Overwhelming desire to escape
Stuck in place
Sadness and fear, paralyzing

I hate this feeling
I want to break through the glass ceiling
But something is holding me back

My inner tragedy, glorious
And beautiful I think
At its core it is my captor and rescuer

Circles are fearful
Never ending and repetitive
Drudging depression

Alienation and isolation
I am a foreigner in an unwelcoming land
But the cruelest thing
Is that for a second, it is inviting. Deceptive.


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This shalt only last a few,

What is unknown, shall evince.

Verily it hurts, oh it so does,

I search and search, hidden by this mask.

For a new land, where I can be uncloaked,

My thoughts and actions reconsidered, then paraded.

I need what I want not,

But I want what I need not.

Burning hath never felt this good,

For I know, a prize lays at the end.

Succumb, absolve, submit.

My true colour is known not,

For this is but a Masquerade.

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